Addiction in America

The addiction treatment industry is a $34B market which for the last 70 years has focused on in-patient care creating an enormous need-gap for effective aftercare. Moreover, the recidivism or relapse rate is unacceptably high at 70% to 90% reinforcing the need for an effective aftercare solution.

While there are many successful treatment centers for addiction, there is an enormous need-gap for effective long-term aftercare service within the recovery community. Addiction is an epidemic in the United States and internationally. One out of every four Americans will have an alcohol and / or drug problem at some point in their lives.
However astonishing this statistic is, only one out of every ten Americans will actually get help for their addiction. There were 4.1 million rehab center admissions in the United States in 2008. Within this group 70% to 90% of alcoholics and drug addicts are likely to experience at least one relapse over the four year period following their treatment.
Unlike virtually any other medical condition, addiction recovery has no accepted national standard of care. Additionally, there are no treatment protocols based on clinical outcomes to measure / certify the effectiveness and quality of the care received. The system is hopelessly broken.

Addiction in America at a glance:

  • There are 35,000,000 reported addicts and alcoholics in the US.*
  • 100+ million Americans are affected by drug and alcohol addiction when family and friends are factored.
  • 21.8 million Americans age 12 or older used illegal drugs in the past month, up from 19.7 million in 2006.
  • 13 million Americans have an alcohol drinking problem.
  • 27% of Americans will suffer from a substance abuse disorder during their lifetime.
  • 60+ million prescriptions were written in the last year by American doctors for Valium and other similar acting tranquilizers alone.
  • 40% jump in employees testing positive for prescription narcotics from 2005-2009.

* NIDA September 2010 Report


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