Technology: Give Your Clients an Edge on Addiction Recovery

Technology: Give Your Clients an Edge on Addiction Recovery

If handled carefully, ethically, and in an informed manner, technology can boost aftercare outcomes, stabilize patient recovery, and create a standard for addiction aftercare.

Recovery Passport Solutions offers Providers tools to help extend retention in treatment or the Aftercare phase of treatment. It does not replace face-to-face substance abuse treatment. Providers should understand that technology is not a substitute for primary addiction care. Rather, its place should be as a solid tool that can reach clients anywhere, anytime after they leave the treatment facility.

Aftercare and Technology: Increase and Track Outcomes in Real Time 

There is a tendency in the health care industry to approach issues in a patch work manner. Serious mistakes are made when careful analysis of a problem does not occur nor a global view of the problem taken. For the furtherance of this discussion, it is accepted that Addiction Aftercare programs need standardization. Turning to social media as the sole answer to clients’ Aftercare needs is doomed to failure.

Recovery Passport Solutions offers Providers and clients a comprehensive approach. A range of tools within the RPS model address issues attending to aftercare and long term sobriety (drugs and alcohol).

Our comprehensive approach to Aftercare includes interconnected electronic tools that can help to maintain and boost client’s readiness to change (crucial for recovery) while supporting proactive interventions; and these tools can enhance motivation. Further, RPS tools offer Providers real data for frequent assessments on both clients’ progress and program successes or failures.

Electronic-based Addiction Aftercare Tools Strengthen Self-Care

Electronic-based aftercare treatment tools reinforce the role of self-care in recovery and recovery management. Such tools enable clients to feel connected regardless of geographical isolation from both therapists and support groups. The need to feel connected is paramount in the addict’s life. Connection to sober, recovering individuals is crucial for the clients’ ability to maintain abstinence and solidify their recovery. Such tools allow clients to build upon their personal strength with every day they stay sober and clean.

Every aspect of our electronic aftercare program is dynamic. These dynamic interactions with clients and support groups offer participants a boost in morale through hard and easy times. Dynamic interactions with a therapist, combined with other tool interactions help monitor mood, relapse signs and more and can short circuit a relapse.

Clients can manage cravings, stress, mood changes, fear, anxiety, boredom and any other emotional and/or psychological state in this dynamic interaction. Physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual states are always in flux. Dynamic interactions with RPS tools accommodate these changes and offer clients a way to manage the shifts. The focus shifts from a disease perspective to a healthy lifestyle change. That shift is the core of the recovery process and inherently feeds the client. The nature of dynamic interactions with Recovery Passport Solutions addresses clients’ individualized needs.

Evidence-based practices work but not all Providers are willing or able to incorporate these approaches. If we want our clients to succeed, we must provide that best methodologies and approaches available. There is now a growing body of research that supports the use of technology in addiction treatment. Providers no longer have to pondered how to incorporate these technologies into their treatment modalities.

Recovery Passport Solutions is passionate about furthering the role of electronic addiction treatment tools and the development of strong, evidence-based aftercare treatment programs. We see the role of technology as supportive NOT as a substitute for face-to-face treatment. Incorporate a comprehensive electronic addiction tools program and deepen recovery for clients, strengthen your aftercare programs and develop solid continuum of treatment opportunities in real time.


  1. Technology: Give Your Clients an Edge on Addiction Recovery … - […] Technology: Give Your Clients an Edge on Addiction Recovery … […]

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