Technology, Behavioral Health and Positive Addiction Treatment Outcomes

Technology, Behavioral Health and Positive Addiction Treatment Outcomes

“Technology offers the opportunity to target numerous issues concurrently and…tailoring…the profile of needs of a given individual. Indeed, a technology-based system could…conduct a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s health behavior and then offer access to system components grounded in science-based approaches to promote health behavior…Such a tool could offer a comprehensive and coordinated approach to the constellation of issues a given individual may be experiencing.” (NIHPA Author Manuscripts. 2012; 31(3)313)

In just a short period, these concepts are now a reality that treatment providers can successfully utilize in their inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare programs. The ramifications of these tools are profound. Indeed, Recovery Passport Solutions’ 365 comprehensive approach helps shifts outcome results away from the abysmal state of treatment failure.

This past summer, SAMHSA-HRSA’s Center for Integrated Health Solutions held a webinar reviewing the topic of technology and behavioral health. The works cited included Bickel, Marsch et. al., 2008, and Marsch, 2013, funded by NIDA. These significant studies revealed results that were impressive:

  1. Technologically based programs were useful and acceptable to diverse populations
  2. They had a large impact on behavior and health outcomes
  3. They increased quality of care, reach, and the ability to personalize are
  4. They were cost-effective

Furthermore, the studies found that these technologies allowed clinicians to spend more time with patients requiring intensive care by replacing hours spent in typical client-clinician interactions. Other patients continued to have contact with clinicians through the programs making contact more efficient.

Technology-based programs offered therapeutic tools known as TES that:

  1. Provided clients who had lower cognitive functioning, anxiety, heavy alcohol use at time of admission, and ambivalence about treatment with better outcomes

Because of the ease with which clients could interact with the technology

  1. Clients maintained mobile interventions during treatment
  2. Patients used mobile interventions during high-risk times

Finally, 84% of those using mobile interventions maintained treatment retention compared to 56% who received standard treatment protocols.

Recovery Passport Solutions Successfully Shifts Addiction Treatment From Acute Care Model to Long Term Disease Management

Recovery Passport has patent pending assessment tools, social and gaming technologies and interactive goal setting features that empower clients to manage their recovery. Research has continually shown that individuals MUST take ownership of their recovery to make it work in the long term. These TES tools strengthen clients’ ability to make the connection between identifying emotions, destructive and constructive thinking, identifying behavioral patterns, and building strong support networks. TES are available 24/7 365 days a year and contact with clinicians is constant.

Recovery Passport Solutions’ dedicated components assist clients during treatment (whether that is inpatient or outpatient) and during aftercare, thus shifting treatment away from the acute care approach toward a truly comprehensive continuum of care model.

Our therapeutic components assist in altering behaviors and attitudes while strengthening emotional and psychological states. Self-reporting places the client at the heart of the recovery program. The technology removes any ability to be deceived or mislead as it is based upon algorithms, language usage and range of other tools providing feedback loops that predict recovery trends.

Our comprehensive program IS THE MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED program available. Take advantage of a better way to approach addiction treatment and aftercare–one that saves lives, strengthens families and communities and cuts the cost of treatment.

Recovery Passport Solutions–working to provide quality, long-term solutions to those suffering from addiction.




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