Recovery Passport’s Manifesto

Our raison d’être

Health and well-being. Could there be anything more important? More precious? More meaningful? Maintaining health and well-being is something, we as individuals, all strive for. With people in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, achieving well-being can be a lifelong quest as well as a supreme challenge. This is why Recovery Passport was conceived and created. Our mission is a calling to all those in recovery: Be well. Stay well.

We believe:

That aftercare should not be an afterthought.
While there are many successful treatment centers for addiction, there is an enormous need gap for effective long-term aftercare services within the recovery community. One out of every four Americans will have an alcohol and or drug problem at some point in their lives but only one out of every ten Americans will actually get help for their addiction. And of those who do seek help, 90% will have a relapse within a year. Unlike virtually any other medical condition, addiction recovery has no accepted national standard of care, and there are no treatment protocols based on clinical outcomes to measure the effectiveness and quality of the care received. The system is hopelessly broken. But there is new hope.

We believe:

There is an innovative solution – Recovery Passport. This is a comprehensive, groundbreaking disruptive force that redefines the dynamics of the recovery process. Recovery Passport is a 360-degree, immersive approach, involving every single aspect of patient’s lives. It puts the power of recovery in their hands. That’s why it ensures success.

We believe:

That individuals are in control of their lives and that they have the ability to change behavior when they choose to do so. Our platform lets members “owns the disease of addiction” with products, services and solutions across the continuum of care. It doesn’t end when sobriety is achieved…. It many ways, it begins. Because controlling the disease requires active management each and every day, year after year.

We know:

Recovery Passport combines clinical tools along with interactive social and gaming technologies to help members manage their own recovery and aftercare. It empowers them to make better choices and to lead fuller, more productive lives while getting the vital support they need. It allows them to maintain their sense of well-being not for a time, but for a lifetime….

That’s the difference between a program and a game changer.

Recovery Passport. Be well. Stay well.


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