Aftercare: The Only Path to Stabilizing Recovery


There is a solution burning inside technology.

Addiction Treatment Outcomes Are Flat

The addiction treatment environment has grown exponentially since the 1960s. Moreover, much scientific progress has been made in the intervening decades. Despite the field’s combined knowledge about brain function, successful therapeutic modalities, and the need for long-term aftercare, the availability of quality evidence-based treatment programs remains slim, at best. According to National studies (SAMHSA, NSDUH, NIDA) more than 20 million Americans use drugs illegally. That figure expands daily. The cost to families, communities, employers, and our health care is astronomical. The ever-growing numbers of individuals who seek treatment but receive less than standard treatment and little to no aftercare reveals the state of addiction treatment as less than admirable.

Providers Can Decrease Recidivism Drastically with Quality Aftercare Programs

Recovery Passport believes that Providers can alter the dynamic NOW. We can help clients succeed at maintaining sobriety (drugs and alcohol). According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, (placement criteria) decisions about client responsiveness and treatment needs encompass six assessment dimensions. Three of the six assessment dimensions address aftercare directly:

  1. Readiness to Change
  2. Relapse or Continued Problem Potential
  3. Recovery/Living Environment

Scientific studies have revealed time and again that a combination of approaches based upon individual needs helps clients break free of addictive patterns. That same approach needs to be comprehensive and clearly delineated in the aftercare program. Such programs need to include:

  • Continued Behavioral therapies including medication if needed
  • Case management
  • Mutual support/peer support
  • Structured living recovery houses
  • Community connections/ integrated social services

Treatment Providers Need to Include Different Stages in Aftercare

  1. Transition Support
  2. Integrated services
  3. Stabilization, including Recovery Coaching
  4. Maintenance

Access to truly individualized treatment includes individualized aftercare plans. Quality aftercare improves treatment outcomes and lengthens the time between relapse while shortening the time of a relapse. Without help and quick intervention, long-term recovery is difficult to achieve. Recovery Passport is on the cutting edge of using technology to support the newly recovering individual. We provide a platform that allows clients a simple, private way in which to stay connected and, feel supported both by peers and therapists. Providers can gather data without breaking privacy laws, track progress in real time and through articulated communications and provide immediate interventions obstructing a relapse or shortening the time of the relapse. There are ways to improve Aftercare programs, increase Provider outcomes to the benefit of both the industry and the individuals we serve.

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